Vish Dosha Puja in Navi Mumbai

Vish Dosha Puja in Navi Mumbai

Vish Dosha Puja

The Visha Yoga puja is specially meant fornegating the bad effects of Shani, Rahu and Chandra. These combinations are not always present in everyone’s Kundali and only an expert astrologer can find out the yoga and suggest wonderfully powerful remedies for the same.

If this yoga is corrected as per the scriptural injunctions, then it can result in positivity. One cannot imagine the prowess of this yoga when it is on the positive side. It can give then individual with loads of success and fortune. When pacified through authentic and authorized Vedic methods, one can be blessed with nectarine life.

Since the puja is very simple yet effective and essential for the person as each and every day is life a mountain for him, the delay should be minimized in order to ensure the safety and sanity of the person.

Vish Yog Dosha occurs when both Shani or Planet Saturn and Chandra or Planet Moon present in the same house in the horoscope of an individual. This Yog leads to many problems in life such as loss at business, mental stress, health-related issues, obstacles, discords and more. Vish Yog Dosh Nivaran Puja or Shani Chandra Vish Yog Puja is recommended to individuals suffering from the Visha (poison) Dosha.

It creates a lot of problems and undesirable effects on the individual such as unnecessary stress & strain, loss of confidence & memory, emotional immaturity, insensitivity and responsibility. This dosh also leads to a loss in personality disorders, leadership quality & wandering thinking power. In order to remove the malefic effects of this Yog one must conduct Vish Yog Dosha Nivaran Puja. Shaligram Shala Puja & Yagna Services have a team of highly qualified M.A., PhD. (Sanskrit) Vedic & Karmakandi priests from Kashi who perform the Puja as per Vedic rituals.

Benefits of Vish Yog Dosha Nivaran Puja

1. It gives relief from the malefic effects of Vish Yog Dosha

2. For relief from undesired losses and stress

3. Performing this puja ritual also cure health-related problems

4. For stability in professional & personal life

5. It speeds up the stuck works

6. Success in lawsuits and legal cases

7. Shani planet works to perfection in the life of the devotee

8. Moon planet also becomes very conducive and helps the devotee in wish fulfilment