Nadi dosha puja in Navi Mumbai

Nadi dosha puja in Navi Mumbai

Nadi dosha puja

Nadi dosh is one of the most dreaded dosh that forms during Gun Milan in match making process. We all know that gun Milan is done in order to match a boy and girls based on points of compatibility.

The birth star of every person is divided into three nadis on the basis of the date and time of birth - Aadi, Madhya and Antar. Ideally, it is recommended that partners should belong to different nadi’s, and only such partners should get married in order to have a wholesome married life.

Nadi dosha nivaran puja can remove the malefic effects of this dosha in the kundali and bless a couple with a happy and fulfilling life after marriage.

Here are some benefits of Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja

• Blesses a couple with harmony and cordial relationship after marriage.

• Removes the malefic effects of nadi dosha and help a couple conceive.

Nadi dosha is a very serious imperfection which is potent enough to cause many problems in the married life of two partners. Detectable through horoscope matching of the two prospective partners for marriage, this nadi dosha occurs when the nadi (or naadi) of the two proposed partners happens to be the same.

According to the Vedic or Hindu Astrology, Nadi (or Naadi) is one of the eight broad aspects or Kootas which are essentially checked and analyzed for the purpose of deciding a perfect match for marriage. These eight kootas of kundli milan bear a total of 36 points/Gunas, out of which the nadi koota has been assigned 8 points, the maximum points given to any of these eight kootas of kundli milan. This describes the great importance of nadi koota for deciding a match for happy married life. The Kundli Milan is nothing but checking and analyzing the mental, physical, and financial compatibilities of the two proposed partners for marriage.

In general, for a happy and prosperous married life, the nadi of the proposed husband and wife must be different. However, there could be many other astrological factors present in the birth charts of the two partners which are considered influential enough to minimize or eliminate the seriousness of this nadi dosh (similarity affliction).