Guru Chandal Puja in Navi Mumbai

Guru Chandal Puja in Navi Mumbai

Guru Chandal Puja

When Guru and Rahu or Guru and Ketu are together in one’s horoscope, a Chandal Yoga is created. The person affected with this Yoga is not able to think clearly and his decisions are erroneous. Moreover, he is also not able to lead a successful life. To eradicate this Yoga, there is a specific Puja known as Chandal Dosh Removal Puja in the Shashtras which helps the person to lead a better life. If your horoscope is afflicted with this dosha, we suggest you to get this puja performed either at your place or our experienced Purohits can perform the same on your behalf at our place.

The Guru-Chandal Dosh emerges when the Guru (Jupiter) gets associated with any one of the shadow planets, i.e., Rahu or Ketu. According to the Vedic astrology, the planet Guru (Jupiter) represents education, wisdom, wealth, happiness, luck, kids, self-confidence and knowledge.

This Guru-Chandal Dosh creates malefic effects and disturbances on education and financial status, insecurity in life, lack of concentration and the makes you unable to make decisions. It creates an atmosphere where all your efforts will be of no use or unfruitful. A person facing this dosha will go through lots of sufferings in his personal, social, and professional life. A person born with this dosha will never be able to lead a happy and successful life.

A Guru-Chandal Dosh Nivaran Pooja is one of the best remedies that can be performed to pacify or lessen the effects of Chandal dosh. This Puja will help the person overcome his troubles and lead a better life. If this dosha is seen in your horoscope it is advised to get this puja done as early as possible.

This puja would be performed under the guidance of learned pundits by chanting Vedic mantras of the respective planets and reduce the ill effects of the planet, that be done in front of the Agni (fire) lit in the Havan Kund (the sacrificial fire).

This Guru Chandal Dosh Puja includes:

• Ganpati Stapna

• Navgrh Sthapna

• Kalash Sthapna

• Deep Prajjawalit

• 18000 Rahu Manra Jaap or 17000 Ketu Mantra Jaap as per your individual Yoga

• Puja materials

• Homam

• Items of Rahu or Ketu that are to be donated

• Guru Puja

• Aarti

• Dakshina of Brahmins